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Be a hemp grower for a moment and journey Ashland Hills Farm with our photos through the seasons.

CBD Hemp seeds in planting medium.
Hawaiian Haze and Siskiyou Gold x Berry Blossom (CBD) seedlings.
Hemp farm before planting CBD seedlings.
Hawaiian Haze (CBD) seedlings.
Hemp greenhouse early summer.
Hawaiian Haze (CBD) hemp seedlings.
Ashland Hills Farm view of Ashland and Pilot Rock, Southern Oregon.(10 of 51).jpg
Hawaiian Haze (CBD) kola
Siskiyou Gold x Berry Blossom (CBD) top-down kola
Hawaiian Haze (CBD) kola (top flower).
Hawaiian Haze (CBD) kola loaded with millions of white trichomes.
Hawaiian Haze Hemp (CBD) in our cedar-lined drying barn.
Hawaiian Haze Hemp (CBD) smokable flower in the cedar-lined drying barn
Smokable Hemp (CBD) flower.
Guineas - on insect patrol
Hawaiian Haze - space between rows after first autuum rainfall
Hawaiian Haze (CBD) flower with lots of trichomes.
High Noon_Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly would be proud.
Hawaiian Haze (CBD) flower in the drying barn. Incl. plant whisperer.
Hawaiian Haze (CBD) flower ready for th curing process.
Cedar drying barn best place to dry hemp.
Hemp farmers - the new crop.
Dried (CBD) hemp flower (Hawaiian Haze)
Hand-shucked Hawaiian Haze (CBD) hemp biomass
B-flower - Beeflower
Trimmed smokeable CBD-rich hemp flower with millions of trichomes.peg
Champagne toast.jpg
Siskiyou Gold x Berry Blossom (CBD) hemp plants
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