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Hemp grown in harmony with Mother Nature! 



Perched atop the golden hills of Southern Oregon, our hemp farm in Ashland, Oregon brings together 40 years of experience, nutrient-rich virgin soil, a vision of sustainable stewardship, and one of the world's best climates-plenty of sun, low humidity, cool brisk nights, and the ever reliable northwesterly winds. 

      The love we feel for our land, our plants, and Mother Nature is reflected in the care given from the nursery all the way to the drying barn.

      The moon tells us the right time to plant our seeds, and the sun tells us the right time to transplant. Our owl boxes provide a place for the owls to rest during the day because at night, we expect them to keep the balance or work slightly in our favor - gophers and mice love hemp too. "Our" ladybugs keep the aphids in check, and our guineas keep the grasshoppers at bay... plus provide ample chatter to keep us awake during the long days of  farm work.

      Ashland Hills Farm 

      Ashland, Oregon

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